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Alternative Menstrual Products

As she squatted naked on the bathroom floor desperately trying to retrieve the menstrual cup that appeared to be permanently stuck in her vagina, Sarah couldn’t help but think miserably “I have made a terrible mistake”. Fast-forward a few months and now that she has got the hang of it, Sarah happily reports that the […]

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My Surprising Post Baby Body

I knew when I fell pregnant that certain things would change about my body. I expected to gain weight, for my boobs to grow, my feet to swell and maybe some stretch marks to form. After all, I was growing a tiny human and that is pretty darn amazing. What I wasn’t prepared for was how different my body would be postpartum. On top of dealing with sleep deprivation and raging hormones, I was also living with this body that continually surprised me with its weird and wonderful (not wonderful) changes.

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