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Guide to Modern Mum Style: The Rise of the Slogan Tee and the Top Knot

According to the fashion world, New York City Fashion Week sets the trends for the upcoming seasons. If this is the case, Australian Women in Spring 2018 should be furiously adding to their online shopping carts balloon sleeved blouses, statement slides, hoop earrings, powersuits and mini bags.

None of those trends sounds particularly cohesive to motherhood though am I right?

Australian Mums have another idea of what will suit our personal style. We are revolting from uncomfortable and often unwearable fashion trends. We have taken back the ‘term mum jean’, wearing our jeans with pride. We want clothes and accessories that are cute, comfortable and functional enough to wear an actual bra with.

Enter: The rise of the slogan tee and the top knot.

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Parenting with Anxiety: How it Feels and Ways to Cope

As I stood in the play centre, I had one eye on my toddler who was furiously attempting to climb up a slide meant for much older kids, while also trying to concentrate on the conversation I was having with another Mum. I could feel my pulse start to quicken. While I knew I was in a conversation, the words were starting to sound muffled and I could not concentrate on what the other Mum was saying. The deafening noise of the play centre started to buzz and I tried to take some long deep breaths in to calm down, while simultaneously keep the conversation going and being poised to chase my son.

This is what the onset of an anxiety attack feels like.

Motherhood is a dizzying journey of highs and lows. Of poop and pumpkin puree being smeared across walls. I have no doubt that I am an excellent Mum. I have always wanted to have babies, and I have a well developed maternal side.

But I also have anxiety.

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Our Post Baby Bodies: Why the Focus needs to be on Getting Stronger and not Losing the ‘Baby Weight’

While it is difficult for women to not focus on losing their baby weight, as it is all over social media, I would love women to value function over aesthetic and to see the importance of having a body that is strong enough, nimble enough and fuelled enough to do the things we love to do for ourselves and for our families.

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Alternative Menstrual Products

As she squatted naked on the bathroom floor desperately trying to retrieve the menstrual cup that appeared to be permanently stuck in her vagina, Sarah couldn’t help but think miserably “I have made a terrible mistake”. Fast-forward a few months and now that she has got the hang of it, Sarah happily reports that the […]

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My Surprising Post Baby Body

I knew when I fell pregnant that certain things would change about my body. I expected to gain weight, for my boobs to grow, my feet to swell and maybe some stretch marks to form. After all, I was growing a tiny human and that is pretty darn amazing. What I wasn’t prepared for was how different my body would be postpartum. On top of dealing with sleep deprivation and raging hormones, I was also living with this body that continually surprised me with its weird and wonderful (not wonderful) changes.

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