The Household CEO

I don’t know when or how it happened, but it appears that I have been “promoted” to the position of Household CEO. The job is relentless, exhausting and the benefits seem none existent. I would like to contact HR immediately and hand in my two weeks notice. Let me take a step back and start […]

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The New Marketplace for Modern Day Parents

Whether you are looking to sell your pre loved baby items, buy something unique for a dear friend, or even if you are a small business looking for a place to sell your gorgeous products, TotsAmour could be the app for you. A brand new app developed in Australia, that is set to be the fastest growing parenting marketplace for Mums, Dads and Kids. It is your one stop shop for selling pre loved and vintage items, so you can make room to purchase the stunning and unique items up for sale from trending brands.

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Battling Gender Stereotypes: It Begins in the Nursery

Gender stereotypes can limit children’s growth, development and wellbeing. At only 15 months old, my son is too young to yet have any concept of gender. However, I believe that it is not too young to begin creating a home environment free from the limitations of gender stereotypes. From birth and through toddlerhood, interactions with […]

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The Best Apps Every Mum Needs

Here are some of the best apps that every Mum needs to make parenting life a little easier. Because Motherhood in 2018 is all about using the technology available at our finger tips. These apps will help you to find Mum mates, put the baby to sleep, keep track of the groceries, sell pre loved baby items, breastfeed safely and keep track of your babies milestones and development.

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The Preemie Positives

I normally consider myself a fairly positive person. However, when my son was born at 28 weeks gestation, it was impossible for me to feel anything other than grief and fear. My baby Arthur spent almost 3 months in hospital and it was, without a doubt, the most difficult time of my life.  Fast forward […]

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The Mum Mantra Which Keeps Me Sane

As incredible as it is, being a Mum can be bloody hard. It is absolutely exhausting, both physically and emotionally. So what has gotten me through? I repeat a very special mantra to myself over and over again through every phase we go through. This mantra helps me keep sane through the difficult moments.

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Can we please stop saying ‘all that matters is that you have a healthy baby’

It goes without saying that, of course, I am unbelievably grateful to have a healthy child. But that does not mean that I cannot also feel sadness and disappointment about my birth experience. When you say ‘all that matters is that your baby is healthy’ you are perpetuating a culture that is silencing women who are hurting. A culture that says, it does not matter what level of trauma goes on behind the closed doors of the birthing suite, as long as everyone comes out alive.

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Parenting advice I am glad I did not take

You receive so much advice when you are pregnant or have a new baby. Some of it is amazing, as let’s face it, motherhood is a major learning curve. But not all advice you receive is right for you, or your baby. Here is some parenting advice I received that I am glad I did not take on board.

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