Month: September 2019

An Ode to my Post-Baby Body

When I look in the mirror, I do not see my cesarean scar as a sign of failure; an inability for my body to deliver my children naturally into the world. I choose to see this scar as a mark of my resilience and tenacity. It is a reminder that I will do anything necessary for the health and safety of my children. It is a scar that I will look upon with pride.

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I am not just ‘Mummy’. I am also ‘Me’.

Modern motherhood has reached a critical juncture. There is such a spotlight on us now. We are expected to work, be the perfect Mum, have a thriving sex life, a clean and organised house (fuck you Marie Kondo), have perfectly behaved and well rounded children and also present to the world as being put together and healthy.

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