The silly season is upon us. I try to be as organised as possible with my gift buying, as every year the list of presents to buy just keeps getting bigger. But if anyone deserves a little something to say thank you, it is the people who look after my son at daycare.

But what do you get somebody to say thank you, for holding your child, drying their tears and teaching them remarkable things? I wanted to get something thoughtful, but not spend a huge amount of money because we are on a budget. The age old problem.

So I turned to my invaluable source of mummy wisdom, and asked all my amazing mummy friends for some of their best ideas. Here is what our collective minds came up with:

The best Christmas gifts for teachers and childcare educators

Personalised Keyring or Notebook

The Daily Edited has absolutely GORGEOUS products that you can personalise with initials. Their quality is flawless and you can pick your colours, and even favourite emoticons. They are my go to place to get a gift for someone. As well as bags, wallets and toiletry cases, they also do notebooks and key rings. A notebook in particular could be really useful for a teacher!

Movie vouchers

I absolutely love going to the movies, doesn’t everyone? And the best part about buying movie vouchers is you don’t have to worry about what they would like, as they can pick their own genre.

Speaking of vouchers…

It may not be very unique as the title of this article promised, but if you are completely stumped, a voucher is great and always appreciated. If you want to make it special, find out where their favourite restaurant, cafe or shop is. Or a coffee voucher for the closest cafe to work is very thoughtful. Just be careful, as some schools require teachers to declare vouchers as income!

Personalised Stationery

Stuck on You have lovely personalised Christmas gifts. This year I bought my sons daycare teachers a personalised apple Christmas tree ornament, as well as some personalised pens and notebooks. They have a huge range of other products with a section just for teachers.

Coffee Cup

Most of the teachers and child care workers I know love coffee! A fun and colourful Keep Cup is an excellent, and environmentally friendly, way of enjoying coffee. If you know they already have a keep cup, a Stay Tray is another reusable coffee product that holds the keep cups and comes in some fun colours as well. Another wonderful company with extremely great quality cups is Frank Green.

Fancy Candles

If you are thinking of buying a candle, make sure it is a good one! Nothing worse than candles from the $1 store. These Glasshouse Candles from Peter Alexander are to die for and come in a ton of different scents and even a few sizes.

Bath Bombs

If you are going to go the pamper route, these bath bombs are so much fun. Definitely more unique then your regular shower gels or moisturisers. Throw one in the bath and it will turn the water some incredible colours and they smell amazing. You can buy a collection and present them in a nice box.

Teacher Inspired Accessories

If a daycare teacher has to wear a uniform, or their clothes have to be practical/conservative, then a lot of teachers love a fun accessory. Think headbands, scrunchies or stud earrings. With a teacher twist like apples or pencils. Kenzie Collective has some gorgeous teacher inspired earrings and Top Knot Girl has gorgeous printed headbands, including Christmas inspired ones!

Bliss balls

If you are more health conscious or think your childcare educator or teacher would have received enough chocolate this year, why not make some bliss balls instead! They are sweet, wholesome and delicious. Plus your child can help you prepare them to make it that extra bit special. This is my favourite recipe for Choc Mint Bliss Balls:


100g almond meal

2.5 tbs raw cacao powder

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon peppermint extract

2/5 tablespoons pure maple syrup


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir until well combined. Shape into balls and refrigerate for 30 minutes before eating.

Homemade Rocky Road

Keeping with the homemade theme, this recipe for my Mum’s homemade festive rocky road is the shit. It. Is. Awesome. Present it in a jar with a lovely ribbon or sticker and you will make somebody very happy. It is also much more thoughtful than a box of chocolates.


275g Turkish Delight, chopped

240g Snickers, chopped

1½ cups Rice Bubbles

1 cup Hazelnuts or Macadamia (or your favourite nut)

1 tube Mini M&Ms

150g Marshmallows, chopped

500g Dairy Milk Chocolate (good quality)


  • Line a 26cm x 16cm slice tray with baking paper.
  • Place Turkish Delights, Snickers, Rice Bubbles, nuts, M&Ms and marshmallows in a medium bowl.
  • Melt chocolate until smooth, either in the microwave or in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.
  • Add to Snickers mix and combine thoroughly until chocolate coats all other ingredients.
  • Spoon mixture into prepared tray and refrigerate for 30 mins, then remove and cut into squares to serve. Keep leftover rocky road in the fridge in an airtight container.

Enjoy the silly season! 

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Love Sally

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