I am not the kind of person who generally buys into the pseudoscience and ridiculous promises made by the billion-dollar skincare industry. From what I can tell, there is no real evidence behind buzzwords like “anti-aging, “firming”, “lifting” and “youth-restoring”.

What I really want from my skincare products is for my skin to be clean, nourished, and protected. If a product can manage all that (whilst preferably also smelling pretty) then I am on board.

So instead of buying a $200 jar of miracle youth cream infused with unicorn dust, here is a (buzzword-free) list of products that are genuinely great for your skin!

  1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

With no fancy advertising and no clever marketing campaign, Cetaphil Cleanser has little to recommend itself other then the merits of the product itself. Which, for me, is more than enough to make me a convert.

I find it a perfect daily cleanser. It’s really gentle and doesn’t strip all the natural moisture from my skin. I don’t find it particularly effective for removing makeup but since I don’t wear foundation regularly, that doesn’t bother me. On the rare occasions I do wear make-up, I use makeup wipes first and then cleanse with Cetaphil.

$14 from Woolworths

  1. Go-To Face Hero

At the absolute other end of the spectrum is Go-To Face Hero. This product enlists every marketing trick in the book. Adorable packaging (tick), witty advertising (tick), clever use of social media (tick). I allow myself to be happily swept off my feet by all this marketing but only because the product itself is brilliant.

I absolutely love this face-oil It is super moisturising, lightweight and smells a little bit like heaven (all wrapped up in lust-worthy peach packaging, of course).

Initially wary of ending up with a slick, oily face, I was happy to discover that the oil quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving any kind of residue. It leaves my face feeling hydrated and glowing (if I do say so myself!). I feel like I am giving myself a treat every time I use it!

Although I should probably add a disclaimer that my epic girl crush on Zoe-Foster Blake (owner and creator of the Go-To line) may pose a slight conflict of interest to this recommendation.

$45 from http://www.gotoskincare.com/products/face/face-hero

  1. QV Day Cream

When I hit 30 I finally discovered the reason I should have been wearing sunscreen for the past 3 decades. Fine lines and wrinkles have suddenly sprouted around my eyes, mouth and forehead.

These little wrinkles don’t really bother me too much to be honest. I like to think that they are caused by too much smiling (which can hardly be something to regret).

However, I did decide it was time to listen to the general consensus and buy a daily moisturiser that contained SPF 30+. I tried out a few products before I settled on QV Day Cream. It moisturisers, protects and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. Ticks all my boxes!

(Note: my positive resolve to happily embrace my wrinkles may be a bit premature. I make no promise that I won’t be writing a review for dermal fillers in a few months).

                                                                                $22 from Chemist Warehouse

  1. Payot Techni Peel Nuit

I am a new convert of chemical exfoliates. Sound extreme? It’s not, I promise.

I have sensitive skin and have always steered clear of anything that I thought would cause irritation or inflammation (the term ‘chemical peel’ never struck me as a particularly soothing activity). However, after receiving a free sample of this product, I decided to give it a go because, well, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I have since become a regular customer.

The Payot Techni Peel Nuit official description does makes outlandish claims to “reboost” your skin and says it contains “anti-wrinkle activates”. But if you can ignore the buzzword BS, what this product really does is gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and debris.

I use it overnight, twice a week, and in the morning my skin feels super smooth, clear and hydrated.

$78.00 from Riverside Beauty

  1. Jurlique Rose Body Oil

Considering I started this article talking about the outlandish pseudoscience of skincare products, my last recommendation is going to be a little hypocritical.

This rose-scented, moisturising body oil delivers no real skincare benefit other than feeling and smelling delightful!

I embrace this product for no other reason than to indulge in a nightly ritual of self –love. And that’s a good enough reason for me!

$59 http://www.jurlique.com.au/rose-body-oil

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Love Phoebe

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