I am a self confessed social media addict. I look at my phone way more times throughout the day than I would like to admit. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, I love them all. But it is not just the social media apps that makes my phone such an excellent companion.    

Here are the top apps that I have found really useful in my Hashtag Mum Life:


Not strictly a Mum app, but I use this for so much more these days than accessing the latest hits by Justin Bieber. Jokes. He is a tool. Anyway. Spotify is great for accessing white noise and baby lullabies! I have basically stolen my husband’s Ipad and it is now the player of the best playlist ever called Baby Sleep Music. Nothing but lullabies to classical music. I have played this playlist on a loop from the day I brought my son home from hospital. Do I sometimes want to throw it out the window due to the monotony of hearing the same songs over and over? Yes. Does it calm my son down and trigger in him the fact that it is sleep time? Also yes.


This is possibly the greatest app I have ever used and it is as simple as it comes. Clear is a to-do list app where you can add multiple categories of lists and then add items to them and swipe left and right when you are done. I have a Clear list set up for:

  • To-Do
  • Shopping List
  • Things to ask the Doctor
  • Things to buy at Kmart
  • Baby names for future babies.

Basically anything that pops into my head, I add to Clear. It is a great way of keeping track of thoughts in my poor sleep deprived brain.


The sheer volume of baby items you accumulate is mind boggling. Who knew that these little people require so much?? And so many things you use for about a minute, before your baby grows out of it! Finding a way to sell pre loved items can be tricky. TotsAmour is a beautiful brand new app, that makes it so seamless to both buy and sell your pre loved baby items. Listing it is so easy, you can make a profile for yourself, take a quick photo on the inbuilt app and write a short description. There are also some very tempting new items up for sale, that are a bit quirky and unique, including homewares, baby clothes and special gifts. 


What is the number one most important thing a Mum can have in her tool belt? Mum mates of course! Mum mates are an endless source of information, friendship and camaraderie. But finding Mum friends with babies the same age and who live close by can be hard. Enter Mush. Or what it is commonly known on the circuit as ‘Tinder for Mums’. I have met some truly wonderful friends through this location style friendship app. If you want to hear more about it, I have written a longer article about Mush here https://brisbanemumsgroup.com.au/meet-other-brisbane-mums/

The Wonder Weeks

I have never much bought into baby books and sleep schedules and all that sort of thing. The Wonder Weeks app is probably my one biggest weakness, but as it is insanely accurate and was recommended by my baby health nurse, I will forgive myself for being addicted to it. The app is a personalised daily calendar or your baby’s development that will keep you informed about the mental leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby. It goes by the original due date of your baby and comes with a chart for phases where your baby is more likely to be a bit on the cranky side. It gives you some lovely information of what your baby is learning developmentally and some activities you can do to help them through the leap. I absolutely love it and have found it super accurate for my son. You can read more about the app here https://www.thewonderweeks.com/about-the-wonder-week-app/

Apple TV Remote

Picture this. You are on the couch, breastfeeding your new baby. You are watching Netflix (as you do) and your baby falls asleep, drunk on milk and cuddles. Then Netflix asks you “are you still watching?”. I feel like this is a really rude and judgey question. But that is beside the point. You reach for the Apple Tv remote to press okay. But Ohno. It is out of reach! You won’t be able to get it without the risk of waking your baby. You have your phone right beside you though. Luckily you have installed the Apple Tv remote app. This is your backup remote. The tiny silver one is often misplaced or out of reach. Your phone rarely is anywhere but beside you. Phew. Press okay. Resume watching Netflix. Crisis averted.

Feed Safe

From the time you get pregnant, right through to having your baby, there are restrictions on your body in terms of what you can eat or drink. For me, a couple of glasses of wine was a very normal activity on a Friday night in my pre baby life. But as a breastfeeding Mumma, it became very difficult to squeeze a glass in every now and again between feeds. Feed Safe is an app developed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association in conjunction with medical professionals, that helps women understand the effects alcohol has on your breastmilk and helps you work out when it is safe to breastfeed again after having a drink or two. You tailor it to your personal height and weight and there is good information on there about managing your alcohol intake.

After publishing this article I received some amazing suggestions from our beautiful Mum community. So this post has been updated with these after I test drove them and agreed, YES, how did I live without these before now! 

Tiny Beans

I wish that I had found about this incredible app sooner. Tiny Beans is phenomenal, it allows you to document your little person’s milestones and most magical moments in one place, that you can then share with your friend and family. For a Mum with family and friends who live interstate, it is a great way of sharing these moments in a quick and easy way. It is also a lovely way of keeping track of the journey you have had if you are too time poor (or like me just a bit lazy) to do the traditional baby book. The app keeps the dates for you and you can add photos and a description of the post. You can also document your pregnancy!

Playground Map

I am a playground connoisseur. The master of the swing set. I know all the local playgrounds to best suit my toddler. Because let’s face it, not all playgrounds are built equally. Some are absolutely better than others. The other issue is, when I am out of my local area, I am lost! And sometimes those same playgrounds can get a touch boring. Playground Map is an app that pinpoints your local and shows a map of playgrounds around you. It’s truly genius. When you click on an icon, it gives you information of the address, directions, a photo and a bit of information about the playground. So no matter where you are, you can find a playground near you. It’s perfect if you are ever a bit early for an event/activity and need to kill time without killing your child. Children are not patient. Best kept entertained.

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What are some of your favourite apps that you use that makes your parenting life a bit easier? I would love to hear from you!

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