The sheer volume of items you buy and receive when you have a baby is mind boggling. A newborn requires more things than I ever could have expected. Bassinet, pram, cot, rocker, bouncer, change table, swaddles, zippies, and the list goes on and on. Then your precious baby turns into a toddler and you need even more things. These little humans are bought and given so much, that my house is starting to resemble an Ikea. I would not be surprised if someone knocked on my door looking to buy swedish meatballs.

The effort in selling things that we no longer use or need though can seem really overwhelming. When you are dealing with sleep deprivation and battling work commitments, it seems much easier to just stack these items into a corner and forget about them. I put it in the too hard basket. But sustainability is so important, and there is no point having pre loved items languishing in the corner and gathering dust, when they could be much loved by another family.

TotsAmour is a brand new app developed in Australia, that is set to be the fastest growing parenting marketplace for Mums, Dad and Kids. It is your one stop shop for selling pre loved and vintage items, so you can make room to purchase the stunning and unique items up for sale from trending brands. It is the perfect solution. Looking to sell your much loved but no longer required pram? Sell it on TotsAmour. Needing to buy a baby shower gift for a dear friend that is homemade and unique? Purchase it on TotsAmour. TotsAmour believes in sustainability, and caters to essential items that young families need, and beautiful items that Mums and Kids will crave.

I am a huge fan of clean, beautiful and functional apps. I don’t like to use an app or a website that is not intuitive. I want my user experience to be seamless, and I want to look at images that are pretty. TotsAmour is gorgeous. It does not overcomplicate the process of buying and selling through an app. It ticks all the boxes of being intuitive, user friendly and functional.

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To sell an item, you only need to complete a few steps to create a profile. You can create your profile either through facebook or your email. After choosing a password and username,  you can instantly start selling. The app allows you to use your smartphones camera to take a photo of what you are selling, and then list a price and a short description. Your profile will be updated with your items up for sale, and if you list ten things, you receive $10 off this seasons must have items. There are no listing fees or commissions that apply.

Your profile also allows you to ‘like’ and save items that are up for sale and to follow your favourite sellers. If you are a small business, you can choose to list and sell your beloved treasures through the app also. For an emerging brand looking for a market, it is an amazing option. You are part of a community marketplace of like minded parents, looking for quality items that are not mass produced.

Through the app, you can filter your search by either brands selling new and unique items, or by individuals selling pre loved items. Each of these search functions are split up into categories for ease of use. Categories include baby clothing, kids, toys, mum, home, family tech, furniture and more. Or you can do a generic search function also if you are looking for something specific.

Some of the items that are currently being sold through TotsAmour include a pre loved Bugaboo Cameleon, a unicorn pool ring, bento lunch boxes, a pre loved bruin cot and lovely baby clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. This is just to name a few.

If you see a pre loved item that you are interested in, you can message the seller directly through the app to make an enquiry about availability, price negotiation and postage options. The app features pre worded texts to make it even quicker.

For new items being sold from a featured brand, you simply add the item you are in love with directly to your cart, and checkout in a few easy steps.

TotsAmour has just launched their first version of the app and are set to release the second version by June 2018. The next version will include fifty new featured brands.  Work is also underway into creating a brand web portal for easy management, that will match API’s with a brands own e-commerce site, so listing items from your store is even easier for small business owners.

You can download the TotsAmour app free from the app store, and also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for a daily feed that will be a source of inspiration and beauty. See you in the marketplace!

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