Mum friends are as essential to motherhood as a comfy pair of non see through leggings and a double shot coffee in a to go cup. Both old and new, mum friends are the best friends, because they understand without words what you are experiencing.

We have been friends for almost twenty years, which is terrifying, because surely we are not old enough to have been friends for that long. We are constantly surprised that we are not just adults, but actually in charge of tiny humans for their very survival.

As first time Mums to boys, we are all about raising confident, empathetic, healthy, caring and fearless little people who know they are loved and treat others with love. Our passions include supporting other mums, raising feminist and tolerant children, infant nutrition and being an active parent who lives in the moment. Our journey has not always been an easy one, so we also want to share with you about birth trauma, preemies, breastfeeding difficulties and mental health issues.

Our space aims to be uplifting, knowledgeable, funny, open and honest. If you want to hear more about us, please read our bios below. We would love for you to learn about who we are.

Love Phoebe and Sally

P.S. It’s a Mum Thing

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