Hi I’m Sally, reformed party girl and world backpacker, now stay at home Mum and writer. Doesn’t sound as exciting? It totally is. Nothing is as exciting as getting up at 4am, having my sleeves used to wipe noses and pushing a swing for three hours. 

My greatest loves outside my son and husband include reality television, triple shot flat whites, online shopping, getting my ass kicked at bootcamp, and being part of a Mum tribe. My greatest dislikes include people who don’t instantly respond to a green light when driving, misogyny, being late and jeans that don’t stay up.

I was born in Brisbane, currently live in Brisbane, but I spent the last five years living in Melbourne. So I resonate really well with the hipster brunch lifestyle. Even though there is definitely nothing hipster about my life now and brunch for me happens at 5am, so can’t really be called brunch. 

I am Mum to one delicious son called Max who is obviously gorgeous and amazing. But he is a handful to say the least. Just like his mother. I am currently a stay at home mum, and have always adored writing. I believe that all mums have an amazing voice and so much wisdom and experience to share with others. Motherhood can sometimes be really isolating, so having a community of mums on a similar adventure can be really comforting.

It is my hope that my experiences, thoughts and ideas will inspire and help other mums, and also make you laugh. For every blog about sleep, food, play and products, I hope to include stories to make you chuckle. Like the time my son licked the doctors hand while he was taking his temperature. A very slow deliberate lick, he actually wanted to see what the hand tasted like. Very embarrassing.

Love Sally

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