To my dear friend,

You make being a Mum that little bit less lonely. Because at times it can be lonely.

Thank you for replying to my messages at 6am. Or even 5am. Because you are also awake with the dawn.

Thank you for your constant offers of help when I am struggling. The coffees you drop off. The shoulder you let me cry on. The way you hug and tickle my child like they are your own.  

Thank you for never judging me when I fail. It is so liberating to know that I can unload to you about the time I lost my patience and yelled at my child. Or when I accidentally bumped their head on the car door.

Thank you for letting me drop by your home at such short notice. Sometimes you just want to get out of the house. It is so lovely to know that I can call you up and ten minutes later be knocking on your door, looking less than perfect and dragging an overflowing nappy bag with me.

Thank you for not blinking when I breastfeed, express milk or feed my child in front of you. It is a safe environment being around you, as others may not be so comfortable to witness something so natural.

Thank you for talking about anything and everything we face as Mums. Sagging boobs, stretch marks, leaking nipples and constipation. Nothing is off limits, and to know that we all struggle with the same body issues, goes a long way to bringing me comfort and confidence.

Thank you for always keeping a watchful eye over my child at the playground. Sometimes I get distracted, and you are there to scoop them up if they fall. It helps to have another set of eyes and hands there to help.

Thank you for celebrating my child’s achievements. Being able to share with you their first words, first steps and first solids, having you clap and be proud too. They may seem like small things, but you know how truly important they are.

Thank you for supporting my decisions to either work full time, part time or be a stay at home Mum. We all have our reasons for the path that we take and you understand and respect this.

Thank you for the girls nights out where we get tipsy off one glass of wine. It can be such an escape to go out as just a woman instead of a Mum and we all need a night off.

Thank you dear friend for being the amazing Mum that you are, the cherished friend you are to me and the strong role model you are to my child.

Love Sally

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