I am not going to list off the reasons why being a Mum is amazing. I feel that it doesn’t need to be said that I love my child above all else. But you know what? Being a Mum is bloody HARD. It is absolutely exhausting, both physically and emotionally. I ache EVERYWHERE, from lugging around this toddler who grows chubbier by the day. I can’t believe how sore my hips get! I didn’t even know that was a thing!

There are periods where my son is absolutely gorgeous and scrumptious and well behaved. Periods where he sleeps when he should sleep, eats what I give him, and is just generally a happy little man. But there are also periods where he is just plain hard work.

For a time he woke up at 4am. Every. Single. Morning. For weeks and weeks on end. My husband and I tried everything to coax him back to sleep but he just wasn’t having a bar of it.

There was a time where he would refuse to nap, and be up for eight to nine hours straight just wailing. He chucked massive tantrums and had huge screaming fits. Usually in public where other judging eyes would look at me like I was the worst mother in the world. These are the times I feel completely ill equipped to being a Mum.

So what has gotten me through it all?

I literally repeat the following mantra to myself over and over again through every phase we go through. That mantra is:

This too shall pass

Repeating these words to myself keeps me sane.

The periods where my son is constantly upset, cranky and hard to manage can last anywhere from days to weeks on end. I want to bang my head against the wall.

But it is just a phase. He is busy growing and developing. Everything new he is learning can be overwhelming for his little brain and this is just him acting out. This too shall pass.

The periods where my son refuses to nap, refuses to sleep at night or wakes up at 4am can feel like an eternity. I feel sleep deprived, emotional and at my wits end. My back kills me from rocking and patting him. I snap at my husband. I can’t get anything done. I feel that neither of us has slept in months.

But it is just a phase. His little body is growing, his teeth are coming in and he is afraid when I leave him. This too shall pass.

The periods where my son just cries and cries for no apparent reason, which causes me to cry and cry alongside him, as all I want to do is make him feel better and  I can’t. I am his Mum. I should be able to make him happy. He won’t let me leave his side but nothing I do seems to work. We are both completely frustrated.

But it is just a phase. He is suffering from separation anxiety and the world around him is just plain scary. This too shall pass.

Throughout all the challenges I have already faced as a Mum, and for all the challenges that I will surely face in the future, I hold onto this mantra like a baby’s fist holds an outstretched hand. It gets me through all the hard periods. Because I know that for every period of challenge, of sleep deprivation and massive tantrums, there will be longer periods where my son is happy and settled. These are the moments that make being Mum so unbelievably incredible and worth it.

Being a little person must be so overwhelming. They don’t know what is happening to their body and brain. All they know is you are the person to make everything better. So I try to hold onto him a little tighter. Be as patient as I can manage. Forgive myself when that patience cracks, because I am only human. Then when he is finally asleep, I crack out the wine, bang on some trashy tv and ignore the housework. Whatever gets you through!

So next time you are feeling overwhelmed and upset, remember these words. This too shall pass. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me!

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Love Sally

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